Important Fuel Information For BriSCA F2 World Finalists

Gepubliceerd op 7 september 2016 om 22:01


Important Fuel Information For BriSCA F2 World Finalists.

With the anticipation and excitement mounting for this weekend's Mildenhall World Final presentation, behind the scenes BriSCA F2 have been working with your BDF and have throughout 2016 been addressing drivers' concerns, one being repeated suggestion of fuel cheating. In recent weeks myself in conjunction with BriSCA F2 and the BDF have decided for the benefit of all drivers that BriSCA F2 will dispense fuel for ...ALL World Finalists at Mildenhall Saturday.
Together with the introduction of a Parc Ferme, I feel quite sure you will support us in this move.
Forgive us for advising you at the beginning of the week of the WF, however we had debated whether or not this should be a 'surprise' on the day but concluded operationally requesting drivers to empty 30 plus fuel tanks on the day was not logical.
Therefore you are requested to arrive EARLY for pre-race technical scrutineering. Andy Barnard, a man of high integrity and Chairman of the National Ministox Club has kindly agreed to decant the fuel and seal tanks.
With regards CVL, we had initially looked at mixing CVL with the fuel prior to decanting and was looking at a contribution for fuel and CVL of £15 per driver, however as some drivers do not use CVL, we will decant only fuel but you will be permitted to bring your own CVL when fuel is added providing it is in a sealed bottle so we have evidence it is untampered with and the genuine product. On that basis the contribution for fuel will be £10 per driver [not £15] which Andy will collect when you sign for the fuel. Andy will have a receipt showing clear provenance of the fuel being supplied.
In essence, please arrive early with your tanks ALREADY DRAINED & EMPTY, further guidance as to area fuel will be decanted ie Parc Ferme, will be given on the day.
We sincerely wish every competitor good luck and an enjoyable weekend and trust you support what the BDF and BriSCA F2 are trying to achieve and remove suspicion with the intent to provide a level playing field.
It is the first year, there has been quite a few bits to organise hence a little lateness in making this public, hopefully this will become the norm and thank you in anticipation of your support.

Steve Rees